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Run Off Grid Remote Panama Island Resort -  Bocas del Toro, Panama

This is a remote island resort totally off grid. Pay would be a portion of the net proceeds from rentals after costs. The harder you work, the more your pay. You would need to have money of your own for backup when business is slow. The persons or couple needs to be passionate about living an off grid lifestyle, be self sufficient, know how to manage water (rain water collection), electricity use, be mechanically inclined and generally know how to fix stuff as you are off grid and there is no one to call to do it for you. You need to be able to keep boats in running condition as there is no car. The boat is transportation to mainland and other islands. Feet, taxis, and buses are mainland transportaion. It is a plus to know the language of Panama which is Spanish. 

My husband and I have only worked as much as we wanted. Someone with good internet skills, other language abilities, could attract more customers from South America, China, and whatever country you are from.

Maintenance of the grounds, electrical systems, mechanical systems, rainwater catchment, internet advertizing, boat maintenance and repairs.

If you think you would be passionate about this, the benefits are immersion, with nature, organic tropical fruits, beautiful views, a coral reef wall and swimming lagoon in front with small private white sand beach, 10 hectares or 25 acres of lush jumgle and trails. homegrown cacao.

Other ways to supplement income here are harvesting and selling fruits such as cacao, limes, bananas, and mangos. You can add to these crops as you would like. Also growing are breadfruit, guava, noni, pineapple, taro or dasheen, coconut, papaya, peas. etc


  Would you like more information?

Please answer the following questions and fill out your contact info and comments regarding your interests below. We respect your privacy and will not give or sell your information to any other party.

Do you like to swim, snorkel, dive, float, or boat?

I love it ALL!!!
  NO! I am a total Landlubber.
  Maybe I would like some of these things but not ALL.
Do you like hiking thru Tropical Rainforests & Jungles?
Nature? Birds? Butterflies?

  YES! I love it ALL!!!
NO! I don't like the Out of Doors.
  Maybe I would like some of these things but not ALL.

Do you prefer Natural and Fresh Fish, Fruits, Vegetables, and Chocolate?

  YES! I love it ALL!!!
  NO! I prefer canned food.
  Maybe I would like some of these things but not ALL.

Do you like Friendly People, a Comfortable Climate, US $, Paying Less?

  YES! I love it ALL!!!
  NO! None of this sounds good to me.
  Maybe I should check this place out. It might work for me.

For Info or to set up a tour . . .

Please give us some information on how to contact you. Email is most important, and of course, we would like to know who you are and what part of the world you are from.  When you are in the area, we would enjoy giving you a tour of Starfish Reef Resort.

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Sun Roasting Cacao/Chocolate

Friends Enjoying Lagoon

Fresh Mouthwatering Mango

Owl Eye Butterfly

Rimmed Salt Water Lagoon


Morning at the Beach

Enjoying the Beach