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This island is completely surrounded by a pristine reef which has thousands upon thousands of colorful brittle stars in very bright colors of  purple with yellow centerlines down each leg or just the opposite, yellow with purple centerlines. The coral, sponges, tunicates, and other sea life is even more colorful with shades of green, red, purple, blue, yellow, orange, etc.  I have snorkeled and dove in many places but have never been lucky enough to have something like this as our front yard!

While I am floating and snorkeling this amazing place, Jack is hiking the trails of our over 25 acre rain forest and planning its’ and our future. And, this is our dream . . . . . Jungle Jack, as he is becoming well known, is placing the 20+ fine homes of the first stage development, on lots so as to have the utmost privacy with beautiful ocean, mountain, jungle, or combination views. This will be a community of like-minded Friends. Friends who love nature and ALL that it has to offer. And, did I mention we are on the lee side of the island? The water is mostly calm . . . for swimming, snorkeling, floating, kayaking, diving, snorkeling, fishing, boating, and the clarity is magnificent. In addition, we have hiking trails and a wet weather waterfall. We are continually adding more trails to accommodate Golf Cars and 4-Wheelers for transportation in the community and to easily access the higher altitude homes with magnificent views.

Transportation between islands and the mainland is strictly by boat so we have plenty of boat parking, and boat taxi service via Bocas Marine Tours between Starfish Reef, Bocas, and Almirante is now available.

If there are any restaurant entrepreneurs out there, we would like to talk to you about opening a restaurant  in this community.
In Panama-Island Direct: 011-507-6638-7500
US Skype #
: (512) 487-7655

A Beautiful View

On the mainland, there is white water rafting, volcano climbing, chilly temperatures, 4 -wheel driving, Amistad Rain Forest shared with Costa Rica, and numerous other land activities in the mountains nearby. Our island location is ideal for allowing quick access to the mainland and highways to other beautiful parts of Panama and Costa Rica, which is only 30 miles away.

Panama City, one hour by plane, is a breathtaking, cosmopolitan city with wonderful restaurants, hotels, casinos, fantastic shopping, beautiful malls, medical facilities, and if that is not enough, other reasons to live or vacation here are:

US Built Infrastructure

Cost of Living

US Dollar Currency

Friendly People

No Hurricanes



Large Ex-Pat Community

English Widely Spoken

Visa Structure

We hope that you have an interest and are in the position to join us in our island community of friends. And if not, maybe you know someone that fits this wonderful lifestyle. We are making our dream a REALITY!

Jungle Jack and Coconut Kelly